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        • 產品名稱: LY-125型自動裝盒機(瓶裝型)
        • 產品編號: LY-125型
        • 上架時間: 2010年
        • 瀏覽次數: 93140

        Product Features:
        This machine is continuous motion standing cartoning machine. It is high technology integrative product, which can fully meet requirement of GMP. LY-125 is composed of products conveying belt, box feeding and releasing system, encoder system and box packing machine. Max speed is up to 100 boxes per minute. According to different production equipment, we designed feeding system combined with this machine, which contributes to high efficiency and economical management for our clients. The main advantage is easy and convenient for specification interchange, so it will be more suitable for variable specification.
        Product Application:
        It is widely used for different packing including drug, food, commodity and cosmetic. For drug industry such as :cover box for solid torch and capsule, soft box for liquid paste, grease and colloid, tray box for vial, ampule bottle, and injector, as well as bottle box for solid and liquid drug and bag box for powder and grain products . For food field such as : carton for cans , sweet, chocolate, candy, biscuit, wine, and freezing food, and so on. For commodity and cosmetic industry such as : carton for cream, grease, lotion, colloid, toothpaste, soap, lamp, computer floppy disk.
        主要技術參數:Main Technical Parameters: 
        外形尺寸(mm)  specification of machine(mm)  1300(L)×1200(W)×1500(H) 
        包裝尺寸(mm)  packaging dimension(mm)  (L)49-120×(W)30-80×(H)28-55 
        包裝速度  packaging speed  40-100盒(cases)/分(min) 
        用氣量  air consumption  5-8 L/Min 
        總功率  total power  1.5kw 
        電壓  voltage  220V/380V/50Hz 
        整機重量(約)  weight(about)  950kg 


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